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Still Life with Oysters and Lemon | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

April 15th, 2015

Art, as much as it can be reflective of us, is equally transportive. The surreal nature of these illustrations can easily and quickly bring us to a new place. This transportation can be powered by the content of the art – it’s images, lines, shading – but can also, from a step away, be powered by our relationship with the piece now that we’ve had intimate time with it.

  • What aspects of your illustration (large and small) transport you?
  • What aspects of your relationship with the art transports you?
  • Where to memory? To false memory? To pure fantasy?
  • How does this transportation manifest in your writing…should it? 

Every aspects of my illustration transports me; from the squiggly black suit texture reminding me of earthworms, or soil or brocade-esque textile.

From the daisy, Gerber daisy, sunflower head its center a dotted matrix of illusion swirls my imagination, capturing ever-changing cloud paintings.

From the expansive white space surrounding this man in a suit, or a woman as the pant waistline is so high, androgenic – forever changing. The white, blinds like sunshine over white clouds from the window of a 737 at 35,000 feet, meditative white light, eye doctors dark room with bright light inspecting my retina as I keep from blinking staring at his right ear-

Nature – the nature of human kind, the nature of Mother Nature, the nature of creativity, nature, nature, nature

Relationship, everything is connected to relationship to self, all our sisters and brothers sharing this earth, this time and space, the seen, the unseen, the known, the unknown, the conscious, the unconscious;

The nature of relationship transports me in all ways.

I have always been easily transported; constantly reprimanded for staring out of the classroom window into the nature outside; utilizing transportation skills to escape physical pain – leave into a better world, feeling, experience if only for a brief moment into the void of nothing, nowhere within the All.

My transportation skills aka: imagination aka: synergy has been my greatest ally in manifesting my writing, my healing, my pain, my joy, my disappointment, my achievements – simply, this birthright is the love of my life.

Clothes designed for special needs children sprung from a mother’s love~

Nothing like a mother’s love and a gap in supply. Read about this mother who created her own baby-gap line of clothes to meet her need to dress her special needs child.


April is ‘Fair Housing Month’

Many years ago, after the fright, discrimination(s) galore and misunderstanding of HIV/AIDS prevailed in the USA, my local area offered fair housing for individuals living with the modern epidemic.

Today, my area offers fewer housing services for the disabled ~ granted, thousands of Jersey Shore Sandy survivors remain displaced from their homes. The second catastrophe on the record of our Garden State.

Housing, shelter is a top ten need for survival, comfort and dignity.

The ‘Fair Housing Month’ FaceBook page is filled with information, history and facts for those involved or need to be involved in the Fair Housing market.

The article below focuses on the continued discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS finding homes.

My friend living with HIV/AIDS had been provided a rental stipend to continue living in his apartment. He has sinced crossed over.

But I remember the tears of gratitude that fell over his less than meaty cheeks, within his apartment, his home, his castle~ he lived a happier life surrounded by his personal possessions – reminding him of the love he shared and received in kind.


Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

‘One can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable’ ~ Aristotle

Victoria Kaloss

Questions – Week Two | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup April 11th, 2015

Good morning Victoria!

You’ve all been writing for more than a week! Great job! By now you surely have an idea of what you expect to accomplish by the end of the month, and probably have some pages drafted. Answer the following questions in a blog post:

  • How much have you written in the first week?
  • How do you feel about it, positive or negative?
  • Do you have a set goal in mind or could all your plans change tomorrow?
  • What’s the most difficult part of writing so far? 

The first week, I have written the prompts as they have been assisting in bringing emotions and details forward. I have yet to begin a written piece for the illustration, my visual Muse. I have positive feelings concerning my illustration and mixed emotions over ‘doing right’ by the artist and the picture.

No set goal, just taking mental, emotional notes in my head, waiting for the time and space to open up and git ‘er done.

Of course, everything can change tomorrow or within the next minute.

The most difficult part of writing so far – is me.

Me, the writer in creating the time vortex welcoming my process with open arms, open files and open heart.

Apps improve disabled participation in education~


Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

Lamplighter’s 2015 Artist Writer Mashup is featuring the illustrations of New Jersey artist Lauren Clarke. Each participating writer is paired with an illustration. Throughout the project, writers are given a series of prompts, contemplations, and questions. Each participating writer is to compose some work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry inspired by the illustration. Here is today’s prompt:

Consider that the way we interpret art is highly personal. Other than interacting with others in the project, our assumptions about the illustrations are mostly unprompted, or are at least driven by our own values and opinions. This leads us to realize our interpretation of the art is highly reflective of our own self, even if it’s distorted and not clearly recognizable.

  • What are your feelings about the illustration? What drives these feelings?
  • Can you see yourself in the illustration?
  • Do you find yourself in your writing too?
  • Try injecting yourself into your writing and amplify the aspects of you that already exist in it.

Remember to blog and share your post in the comments below!


Prologue: I am a day late. I am short. I am not a dollar short.



The illustration lulls me into a sense of a balanced world; masculine/feminine, man/nature, light/dark, work/play – the polarities of this world ‘mastered.’

The entire picture’s patterning herald acceptance of all sides to a story, all sides to a culture, a human, a flower – acceptance of self in a now rectangular world, four sided. Or is the illustration introducing a magical eight sided world?

The drawn frame, perfectly one inch margin, challenges me – I feel contained, double blankets cocooning safety, security. Hope drifts; freestyles across the likenesses, the circular sun-shaped Gerber daisy-headed man in a vertical black suit and tie. The matching crisp white dress shirt, a man can proudly wear a dress in this sketched world – all is well.

Is all well? Or is it sketchy?

Same penciled margin, handcrafted mat, magically flies, guides my feelings like a heat thermal for turkey vultures, hawks, predators – floating, hovering, and taunting emotional restraint, physical restraint.


I despise restrictions, life in a box, no matter the shape rectangular, square, hat box, shoe box, restlessness wakes up my wander lusting muscles, my mental meandering and leaves me feeling rather like an injured wolf refused for reintroduction into the wild, forever trapped in unnatural surroundings. I have been restricted (and then some) by my disease, stuck in stuck with only stuck in my head. Disability makes me slow down, excellent for observation, for freedom? Not so much.

I am the picture and the picture is me.

I am my writing and my writing is me.

I am the walrus and the walrus is me.

Separating my ‘hopefulness, my happily ever after’ with my ‘what if/yeah but/get me the fuck outta here’ is impossible –

Acceptance and balance and mastery required.

‘Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?’*

Karate Kid; Mr. Miyagi lesson for all.


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