Indigenous cultures have no word for imagination in their vocabulary.

Instead, they say –  “there is the world in front of your eyes  – and the worlds behind your eyes.”



I am Vikki Bakus, a  pre-published  fiction writer and a published poet from Jersey.   

I enjoy words, images in general – many of which I hope to share with you on this blog.  And since I have a propensity to share – excelled in sharing and considered a chatter-box in Kindergarten- expect a collage.

In honor of the snow falling this morning, I thought it’d be fitting to post one of my poems.


                                            Winter White Comforter

  Half awake,
                                           snuggled under my
winter white comforter,

evening blizzard turned
                            into fresh morning snow

                      Half asleep,
     Earth snuggles under her
                                      winter white comforter

a “Do Not Disturb” sign,
                    for bears and groundhogs,
life,         power napping below

                  a fluffy shield,
ensuring brown soil
                                         nourishes to black

                                     fluted crystal vase,
            hosting dried summer lavender,
beams colorful polka-dots
                                       upon half drawn window shade….

                          …stars in the light of day…..

. . . .still only half awake.


Just a note:  I opened my door this morning as the gentle snow fell and I listened.  Snow really does hush.