I am a HUGE fan of Mother Earth.

When I was eight, I wrote and illustrated my first book – A Girl and Her Planet.
The heroine searched high and low for a birthday gift for her best friend. She even ventured out in her space ship to shop the expansive Universe, determined to find the perfect gift.

Upon returning home, she realized Earth had many gifts!  She decided to share the bounty of the Earth with her best friend. When our little heroine presented her gift, a simple bouquet of flowers, the girls jumped for joy.

The girls wondered what they could give to the Earth in return.  The answer was simple.

Give back to the Earth.

Share with the Earth.

The girls jumped for joy and everyone lived happily ever after.


Thirty plus years later my parents prepared to downsize.  Three of the four bedrooms were unoccupied but the dust didn’t care.  During the process of sifting through a long life chapter, my parents frequently passed along sentimental trinkets, important papers like original birth certificate’s and occasionally a stray item of possible interest to one of us four kids.  These occurrences, shifting the stuff, became routine.  None of us children left the soon-to-be old homestead without a staggering pile of stuff. 

On about the one hundredth (maybe zillionth) time, my mother handed me a manilla file.  Inside were stapled – yellowed – ruler-lined papers.

That was all, one file with one story.

She never had the heart to throw A Girl and Her Planet away.  She kept the story safely tucked under socks, clean and folded of course, in her bedside table drawer –  for thirty years. 

That day, Mom admitted she’d always believed I’d be a writer.
Sweet right?
Yeah, my throat lumped up too.

I guess I’m simply a HUGE fan of Mothers.

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