In Honor of Autumn

Green Light Shines, Amber Light Twinkles,

Red light shines atop steep hill
tames thunderous horsepower.
I am stopped at the intersection
between the park and the Parkway.

Autumn sun spreads presence
through windshield,
melts peripheral frost,
heats flesh directly
beneath dark seasonal clothes.

Cigarette smoke lofts;
quick draw of power window,
creates vacuumed aroma of apples-
burning wood.

Under the red light,
delayed green arrow points one way.
I am waiting, still, watching
beyond open electronic portal.

Maple leaves once bright tangerine,
obligingly curl starry edges
into dry brown oblivion.

Pine branch bounces from
a squirrel – flying needled trapezes
towards gathering below.

Crows crowd, mockingbirds mock
from inside a humble, flattened corn field
abundant with Fall’s promise.

Red changes to green so, naturally,
I am moved.

Published, Atlantic Highlands Herald -2002

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