Spring is on the Move!

Last week end, Spring’s dress rehearsal opened in dramatic flair along the Northeastern seaboard.  New Jersey survived a torrential storm.  Winds gusting up to 65 mph blasted sopping rain drops everywhere.  Parking lots filled with mangled umbrellas, shopping carts journeyed far beyond their store front lines, train tracks were piled with downed trees and down and out passengers rocketing to Broadway, Madison Square Garden or a night on the town.  Instead, they survived a night on a motionless train watching the fast-forward motion of Mother Nature from their foggy, splattered NJ Transit windows.

Oh sure, Winter had his jolly folly this year.  But Spring showed Winter she had a trick or two up her fertile couture lined rainclouds.  Rivers rose, bays brimmed, our Ocean overcompensated, ponds filled like bathtubs and backyards filled up like ponds.  The interactive audience show had home owners bailing, drivers honking, sailors cursing and cell phones tones ringing as concerned friends and family texted and fretted.

Spring is on the move, busily preparing for non-static birth.  Earth is awakening with the ferocity of a fire alarm drill in a hotel at 2:00am, after we force time to jump ahead. 

Humans are already behind. 

Spring has been jumping for almost six weeks.  According to the Celtic calendar, the spring season began on February 1st, St. Brigit’s Day. 

America turns to Punxsutawney Phil for guidance.  Groundhogs already know spring is here.  Look carefully, listen closely, and sniff deeply.    

Robins are ornithological slam poets, dueling in song to forge ahead in competition to win the championship – the title of mate.  Fluffy white seeds are floating along the sweetened wind to settle upon their beloveds.  Long time winter resident squirrels are performing courtship games, running up and down pine trees as they play hard to get. 

Poor Phil, every February 2nd he probably rolls his beady eyes and thinks, annoying humans leave me alone!  I’m busy – Spring is on the move!

In the Spirit of Indie Films and Ireland,,,