Michael’s Landscape and Design –Transforms Life

As promised, I am dedicating a post to Michael’s Landscape and Design.

In order to give you a better perspective of the incredible transformation of our front yard, I searched through photograph box after photograph box. The older pictures were taken with an old fashioned 35mm camera.  Luckily, I possessed a couple of shots rendering a good comparison for “Before and After” display.

The original landscaping had taxis bushes, an evergreen hedge.  As we had planted those three tiny plants over fifteen years ago with our brother’s strong hands, we had difficulty surrendering the trio for compost.  And the azaleas lining out the remaining perimeter had been planted by our grandmother.  Our grandmother’s beloved Lilly succumbed to remodeling.

Yes, we are both sentimental which explains the long, long overdue transformation. 

Through Michael’s contagious passion and compassion, he assured us he would provide evergreens and magenta colored plants to honor the botanical history of our home. 

He fulfilled his promise and so much more.

As the snow melted and saturated earth mellowed, Spring exploded in our front yard.  Each day, another plant would burst into color, expose a seedling like a movie trailer teases audiences with thrills yet to come. This Spring, we experienced the full throttle of Earth’s awakening, her sprawling yawn across our lawn.  The experience runs deep within the core of our being-rebirth. 

The Earth’s promise.

Michael’s promise.

And mine.

Thank you, Michael, for designing more than a suburban yard.  Thank you for landscaping our home and our hearts with the Universal design of life.

Michael’s Landscape and Design

(917) 577-7406

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