Swan Dine

Swans eat with their asses in the air. Black legs writhe, balancing their graceful necks below the surface. The sensitive vegan bill gorges in the depths of the dark river water.
The beautiful swan, upside down doesn’t dine alone. Its mate and or ducklings are nearby. No closet eating disorders within the Swan Clan. They nibble together, beak to beak under water with their white plumed asses flapping in the breeze.

Swans seem unaware of their above sea level status. They haven’t heard their own fairy tales highlighting their perceived gifts of grace, powers of transformation and all consuming beauty. Dining etiquette has never warranted a story line in any Swan legend to date.

If they realized they had a reputation to uphold, would female swans ask their lifetime mates if their asses look big in the reflective fresh water pool? And would male swans lie to keep the peace by making up some pseudo-scientific explanation about angle of the winter sun over the flow rate of the river expanding the illusionary circumference of their mates’ fair feathered derrieres?

Were Swans aware of their own omnipotence, would they care about their seemingly undignified table manners? Would they alter their natural way of eating or being to be on this planet – simply to be a swan?

Or would they decide appearances and reputation be damned- a swan’s gotta eat!