The Greater Cost

During my school days, there were no Special Education Services. The only adaptations agreed upon between my parents, physicians and school principals, were exclusion from gym where I applied my time as an assistant to the school nurses and allowing two-minute early dismissals to beat my exuberant peers running, thrashing through the stairwells, sidewalks between classes and at end-of-school day bell.

My parents had no true support system spotlighting juvenile/rheumatoid arthritis or any other disability; at least not to my recollection. They relied upon each other, my siblings educators and physicians. My parents worked with what they had, and did their best to mold the environment to meet my needs.

There were no support groups for the handful of us disabled students either. Although, there was and exists today a compelling covert comradeship, an underground secret society led by understanding and empathy.

Special Education entered my life further down my path. After attaining my Master’s Degree in Social Work, I worked as a School Social Worker. I enjoyed my work, my students and contributed to advocacy and support for parents and students whenever possible.

The Internet was a fledgling when I left the workforce.

Today, where would we be without the instant connections waiting for the one mouse-click, a touchpad fingerprint forged, created and nurtured without the World Wide Web?

I happened upon an article written by Ellen Siedman. She is a mother to Max, a special needs wonder-boy who refuses to give up. Her article “Are Kids With Special Needs Really a Burden to Society?” caught my eye as there has been an undercurrent over the past five years concerning the ‘cost-effectiveness’ of educating special needs children.

I emailed Ellen asking for permission to re-post her article. She responded within hours. Where would we be without the Internet?
Ellen has been kind enough to share her words and her links.

Are Kids With Special Needs Really a Burden to Society? Posted: 06/08/2012 10:26 am

I recently got into a conversation with an acquaintance about the cost of caring for kids with special needs. This is a smart, savvy woman who has a son with mild Aspergers, and who knows that I have a child with more significant special needs. I mentioned a study that found treating people with autism in the United States cost $126 billion last year.

Ellen Seidman Blogger, Love That Max –

Thank you, Ellen and Max for their openness and generosity.

I encourage you to read Ellen’s article and Blog and then ask yourself,

‘What is the cost of not educating any child?’

Thank you for your support!
All Inclusive, All the Time
No Disability Left Behind

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  1. Bear
    May 10, 2013 @ 14:32:59

    Bravo Ms. Vikki!


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