Nelson Mandela Day

Today is Nelson Mandela Day! I love and admire Nelson Mandela – he is my modern-day Hero.

I discovered July 18th as a global special day through Sir Richard Branson’s Blog. He discusses today’s global initiative to pledge 67 minutes today in action for the greater good in Nelson Mandela’s honor.
The Blog lists 67 ways you can make a difference in the world today-here is the link to Sir Richard Branson’s Blog:–67-ways-to-change-the-world

Embedded in the Blog for Nelson Mandela Day are two videos worth watching.
One shows diverse world leaders honoring Nelson Mandela from their own hearts and the second Sir Richard Branson tells us his pledge for Nelson Mandela Day. The links are below:

Every day is Nelson Mandela Day in my perfect world.

Nelson Mandela is my inspiration. My life altering epiphany blossomed from delving into his life story. Without Nelson Mandela as a world figure, I may never have encountered bodies of work in his name. Without Nelson Mandela, we may never have had the blessings he has so genuinely and divinely imparted to humankind.

My Blog, Living Life to the Best of Your Disability, exists because Nelson Mandela exists. I pay homage to him when I returned to the writing life. Read my post, “Equality” by clicking this link;

I pledge to continue advocating for Civil Rights for People with Disabilities.
I pledge to continue to use my voice and creativity to inspire, empower and educate the disabled and those who love and care for them – honoring Nelson Mandela in heart, mind and action each step of the way.

What will you pledge?

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