Yes. I changed the name of my Blog. Why?
First and foremost, I reserve the right to change my mind.
Second, I implemented the right to change my mind.

The new name, ‘Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility’, lends a positive arc.
The mission for this Blog is for people from all walks of life, to discover self-empowerment, inspiration, education and advocacy.
Through sharing either my own or others’ stories, we are able to create community and open communication for the betterment of people with and/or without disabilities.

These opportunities to share create ‘possibilities’ for an enhanced global experience, for authentic inclusion, for deeper
connection for Self and with others.

Here is an example.

Last week I attended the National Poetry Slam 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. I attended to support our local team, LoserSlam, compete for the National Title. The team didn’t win the competition. We are celebrating their return with Stanley Cup Champion fanfare. We applaud the poets, not the scores-a NPS mantra.

We did commune. Our supporters and poets found each other, encouraged each other during bouts, shared meals and shared experiences collectively and individually. The interaction(s) proved authentic interaction and inclusion is possible.
I participated in workshops by day and Slam Poetry by night.
My crew toured by day. I had chances to walk about during the day. I chose to stay within the hotel and attend workshops. This sovereign choice left energy for night life within the Poetry Slam hub.
Did I want to go on walking tours? Yes.
Did I want to go to the museums? Yes.
The transit system(s) did offer ample disabled provisions.
Did I get frustrated? Yes.
Did I have a blast during the evening? Yes.
Did I leave myself the opportunity to remain in good health by forfeiting daytime jaunts? Yes.
Did the National Poetry Slam 2013 deliver inspiring poetic entertainment? You bet.
Education? Absolutely.
Ice cream? Deliciousness in a cup.
My choices allowed me to enjoy the event. I can return to Boston with the intention of touring. I drove there once, I can drive there again.
The point is –
I attended NPS 2013.
I participated.
The first NPS 2013 workshop specifically tailored time-slot for people with visible and invisible disabilities. This was the first workshop gathering disabled poets. We organized and created a manifesto to improve the event for people with varied abilities. With the power of the collective, we can create a positive impact for future poets and attendees.
Satisfying? Beyond measure.
My choice to go, leave my comfort zone, endure personal bouts with self-acceptance, advocate for future poets and attendees and enjoy the company of beloved friends, morph national and international strangers into acquaintances and friends made my first NPS experience pretty amazing.
I would not have changed a moment, even with free will to change my mind.