Disney Decided

Disney Decided.

Disney Decided

I am revisiting Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility post from May 2013; “Wealthy Hiring Disabled to get ahead in the Disney Lines.”
There had been reports of rich people paying disabled park visitors to pose as family members to gain quicker access to the long lines for rides and shows.
Disney investigated as promised.
They concluded to change their policy dropping the disabled access. Disney executives chose to revamp the disabled-access policy by verifying the disabled customers were indeed, disabled. The premise being, not all individuals were disabled but rather imposters.
True. There are always those trying to beat the Magic Kingdom system, ride on Mickey’s coat-tails. Nobody cares for an imposter. Cracking the whip on disability criteria is the answer as far as Disney is concerned.
So, let’s weed out the fake handicapped people from Snow White’s garden.
I add the rich exploiters need policy tweaking. Disney does provide front of the line tickets at increased prices:
FASTPASS Service tickets
VIP Tours passes,
Deluxe VIP Tours passes
So why haven’t the rich been held accountable as fakers?
They can afford the extra money to get better packages directly from Disney.
They have undercut the disabled they so quickly pawned. The rich impersonate as a valid family members of a disabled person, why are they not held responsible as a fakers.
Why isn’t the other side of the scandal being addressed? Why isn’t there an income criteria? You know, to make sure they can’t afford the extra cash to be treated as important and special.
Such social, economic cultural issues have multi-layers.
I have included different three posts with three different opinions concerning this issue.
Rarely is there ever one singular answer.
And although Disney executives exclaimed their new sole policy, they avoided addressing half of the initial scandal.
Why have the rich gotten the golden ticket—oh, wait, wrong story.
Why haven’t the wealthy been judged to meet a certain ‘criteria’?
Are they more entitled in the Land of Make-Believe and Happily Ever After?




What is your opinion? Please feel free to comment.
Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility
C Victoria Kaloss October 2013

Hip-Hip-Hooray for the Good Ol’ UK!

This week Britain law makers sped ahead of the US with groundbreaking directives for transportation services. They ruled handicapped citizens priority for the handicapped spaces reserved on buses. Before the new code, ‘first come, first serve’ availability applied.
The change of rank came after a disabled man sued after denied access onto a bus because a woman with a child in a stroller claimed the seat first.
To discover more about this forward UK action click the link to the article below.


People living with disability, visible or invisible to the average person’s eye, must be given the right of way for dedicated space.

This inclusive action should be the global standard.

The UK upheld the civil rights for their disabled community.

Meanwhile the USA, where their political Senate refused to sign the UN Civil Rights for People Living with Disabilities ACT citing; American holds the ‘gold standard for the disabled,’ fell short in news concerning basic human rights toward the handicapped.

The lack of accessibility and civil rights to justly implement ADA mandates creates separation and isolation for the handicapped person(s).

The disparity in America’s ‘golden standard’ is blatant.
The disconcerting treatment of the disabled summed up in microcosm current event highlights reported below.

An airline, allegedly forced a paraplegic man to crawl off the plane. See link to this story below.


The Goodwill Foundation pays disabled workers substandard wages while the executives earn triple digit incomes. The NBC new clip can be seen and heard below.


An American veteran with his service dog is denied access into a food establishment. Click below to read more.


The USA lags behind modern times.

With lofty issues at hand, this Blog may seem to address a smaller than life issue affecting our country today.
I’d like to refer to a quote-
“You can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens.”
~~ Aristotle

This quote stands in alignment with this Blog’s mission; authentic inclusion and equality for the disabled population who constitute 10% of the world population.

We create a better world by living life to the best of your possibility.

See you in October — National Disability Awareness Month