How About that November!

Flew by like a cloud caught in a between damp autumn and winter blast.

I started out November here-
Orange cloud sunset

And ended here-
For Grebes

Yup, I traveled. Again.
I have grown fond stepping down my custom side-door stairs. My physical therapist designed the wooden steps to accommodate my elevated walker with armrests. The contractor obliged although he believed I simply needed to decide not to need a walker ever again.
Hmmm, interesting thought. Just decide – choose ‘I will never need my walker ever again.’
In actuality, the builder had a point. Just decide.
After having fallen on the beach during an Aruba vacation, I suffered soft tissue damage. For the remainder of the vacation I possessed power, conscious choices as to how to spend my time.

I decided to enjoy the weather.
I decided to read outside on the first floor handicapped room porch.
I decided to use the wheelchair instead of staying in my room.
I decided to make the vacation the best of my possibility.
I decided not to walk on sand.
I had decided to take a huge leap of faith when I walked on sand years later on vacation in Jacksonville, Florida.

Many decisions and choices I have made stemmed from courage, faith, fear and love.

I have learned to never say never.
I have learned to never make promises you can’t keep; including myself.

I choose to make the best decisions I can in any given situation. What more can I or anyone ask of themselves?

November flew like a cloud
Flew by like a cloud caught in a between damp autumn and winter blast.
I started out November in Lido Beach, Florida-
And ended, home, at the Jersey Shore-

Oh, by the way, this vacation I decided to go into the Gulf of Mexico. I haven’t touched seawater, the Ocean or pool water since that trip I fell in Aruba.

P1050908 (1024x768)

Some decisions come later than others. I can live with that-
living life to the best of my possibility

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat Dolan
    Dec 02, 2013 @ 16:53:40

    What a decidedly (pardon the pun) happy post! So proud of you & happy for you!


  2. Victoria Kaloss
    Dec 02, 2013 @ 17:04:19

    Thanks, Pat! You are such a positive influence on me and thus my joyful Blog. Still using the camera you gave me 🙂 I leave home all the time with it to document the vastness available for those who believe in possibility. And you know sunsets are on my Top 5 All-Time Favorite things.
    So glad the link finally works–whew.
    Thanks again, Pat~~for everything!


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