You Got the Power!

Dear Kids;

You all have more power than you know.

You are all more capable than you give yourself credit for.

You have the ability to create a fuller, easier day-to-day life by learning one important life skill:

‘Asking for help’

During those times when you may be feeling something may be too challenging for you to take on or you may be worrying about how to reach an important goal –ask someone for help.

For myself, I needed to ask for help when I planned a vacation. I needed a wheelchair in the airport because I can’t always walk far and I certainly can’t run to the gate to make my flight.

Recently, I had been in the airport security line and asked for help untying my work-boots. My companion helps me to put them on since I can’t bend down to tie shoes. The woman in charge of security told me that I do not have to take off my shoes anymore in the security line at airports.

I was stunned! The shoes-on-shoes-off-shoes-back-on experience had been a source of stress when I traveled.

She said the officials at the TSA have a new policy:

If I tell the security agent that I can’t take off my shoes, the agent is then required to swipe my shoe with cotton square dipped in a chemical that they put in a device to determine of the shoe has any dangerous substances or residue on them. Once the machine clears your shoe, you are free to move along – shoes still tied.

This is a new policy. If I hadn’t asked for help taking my shoes off, I would never have learned so quickly and easily about the up-to-date change. By asking for help, I have saved myself and my traveling companion time. Asking also saved us both from one of our biggest stresses while traveling.

Learning to ask for help is a life skill.

Most people believe if asking for help means you are weak, not good enough.

They are greatly mistaken.

Asking for help means just the opposite, you are finding solutions to make your life stronger, easier and successful.

There is no shame in asking for help.

There is only honor.

You are not swallowing your pride.

Pride means decency, esteem, opportunity and character.

Asking for help enhances your pride.

Asking for help allows you the opportunity to use resources available to you to make your life the best life possible.

You can turn to others for assistance, people who can do their best to accommodate your specific needs. Remember, your special needs are simply adaptations to the outside world. Everyone has them.

Some people have food allergies and require special diets. Some people have a broken leg and need crutches and extra time to get from one place to the other. Some people need service dogs and some people need service monkeys. Yes, it’s true; service monkeys.

By learning to ask for help, you can improve your life by leaps and bounds.

Here is a short list of people you can begin to learn to ask for help from:


Family members


Guidance counselors




Physical therapists

Occupational therapists

Your local township

Your local county

You don’t have to carry your troubles on your shoulders alone.

You do not have to fill your time and fill your mind trying to figure out how to accomplish a goal.

Ask for help.

You have the power.

Your possibilities are endless.

You are living your life to the best of your possibility.

Copyright Victoria Kaloss; Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility 2014