Parents & Caretakers, You Have the Power Too!

Dear Parents and Caretakers;

You all have more power than you know.
You are all more capable than you give yourself credit for.
You have the ability to create a fuller, easier day-to-day life by learning one important life skill:

‘Asking for help’

During those times when you may be feeling something may be too challenging for you to take on or you may be worrying about how to reach an important goal –ask someone for help.

In my experience, when my grandmother had been placed in a newly credited rehabilitation center, we all had concerns about her future. Grandma had never experienced a medical set-back and she needed help in understanding the rehabilitation process, hospital in-patient life and she needed comfort to reduce any undue stress and worry.

As a family we collectively and individually asked staff members questions concerning her treatment plans and long-term goals. And more so, questions Grandma seemed too intimidated to ask for herself. She experienced overwhelm early in her treatment process and we responded by alleviating the initial shock and disorientation.

She acclimated and over time, she became more empowered to ask for help with greater ease and confidence.

Asking for help is both an individual and team sport.

You loved one has specific needs, goals, aspirations and
You have specific needs, goals and aspirations.
Learning to ask for help for yourself is pivotal. Just as the flight attendants ask the parent or guardian to place the oxygen mask on you first so you can be healthy to provide assistance for your child and charge. Your functioning optimally increases your loved one’s success rate.

You are important and during those difficult, challenging moments, you can ask for help for yourself as well as on behalf of your child, parent – loved one.

Learning to ask for help is a universal life skill not selective for the disabled or caretakers of the disabled.

Learning to ask for help is a UNIVERSAL life skill.

Asking for help means you are finding solutions to make your life stronger, easier and successful.

Asking for help allows you the opportunity to use resources available to you to make your life the best life possible.

You can turn to others for assistance, people who can do their best to accommodate your/child’s specific needs. Remember, you have needs to function in the world. Everyone has them.

By learning to ask for help, you can improve your life by leaps and bounds.

Here is a short list of people you can begin to learn to ask for help from:

Your child/parent/charge
Family members
Guidance counselors
Physical therapists
Occupational therapists
Your local township
Your local county

You don’t have to carry your troubles on your shoulders alone. You do not have to fill your time and fill your mind trying to figure out how to accomplish a goal.

Ask for help.

You have the power.

Your possibilities are endless.

Living Life to the Best of Your Possibilities
copywrite 2014 Victoria Kaloss

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kdub155
    Feb 01, 2014 @ 18:01:54

    Learning for help is a universal life skill. Hopefully, one day it will be viewed as courageous rather than weak, because everyone could use a little help.


    • Victoria Kaloss
      Feb 02, 2014 @ 05:16:34

      Absolutely! I mention a similar example in my January Post which is a letter to the disabled relating the same message from a different position.
      In truth, we all need to learn to ask for help with the realization asking is a mode of creating a better circumstance to meet your goals, needs, wants and mostly – dreams.
      Thanks for commenting!


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