Let’s Expand Possibility!

This Blog is an extension of my life, my dedication to sharing my story and others stories, passions, pitfalls, triumphs and tragedies.


As the title announces the primary topic of possibility, the title used to reference just disability. And although this Blog focuses on  creating greater and grander possibilities in life, I’d like to expand the topic to include all facets of a passions, pitfalls, triumphs and tragedies.


Like chocolate or potato chips, from flower to color, picking just one is difficult. And this applies to my life which may or may not be due to my natal astrological sign of Libra.


I believe we are beings with many gifts, talents and interests.


With that in mind, this Blog will expand to include and introduce some of my and your varied interests as I invite you to share your passions at Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility.


One of my passions is Mother Nature. You may look up and older Blog for children I had created to connect children with the environment in a positive way. Our community garden, still growing strong by the way, held the lead role of www.victoriakaloss.wordpress.com


Today, I’d like to expand the topic by introducing your to two men, Chris and Steve Agnos, who are doing tireless work to help the environment. I contacted them at their website




for the right to use their website and movie in my Blog.

They replied:


“Permission granted! Really you can repost anything we do on your blog. All that is important to me is that ideas spread.”


So, yes, they are enthusiastic and completely devoted.


Their movie, “How Wolves Change Rivers” was originally forwarded to me from my father who has become a moderate environmentalist over the years. The movie is truly eye-opening and demonstrates interconnectedness between all species and natures balance.

This is the link for the four plus minute film—



Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility means all of your life, all of your aspirations, dreams, interests, pet-peeves-

because after all, life is packed with a multitude of possibilities.


I am glad to share Chris and Steve Agnos’ work with you, share my passion for nature.


Hope you enjoy the movie, popcorn, chocolate and potato chips are optional 😉



Copyright March 2014:

Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

by Victoria Kaloss