Perspective from New Zealand

Short and sassy article from Kiwi author is right up this Blog’s alley.

New Zealander, Linda Kimpton wrote an article:Being disabled isn’t a disaster

She shines a light on the human body’s fragility being a source of changing perspectives and improving authentic inclusion.

Her insight comes from a parental lens.
As a mother of a disabled child, she states;
People don’t seem to realise that they or their loved ones are only ever an accident or a twist of fate away from joining the “disabled community.”

The mere act of aging shifts people from the artificial category of “abled” to “disabled”.

I think if people could get past this binary thinking, and recognise that disability is a rather natural, if not inevitable, part of the human condition, then we’d be a step closer to the disabled being treated with dignity and respect.

Binary thinking indeed!

I am moved by her candor.

Linda Kimpton serves on the Board of Education and adds;
Being on a school’s board of trustees has shown me many ways in which a school that adapts to accommodate the disabled, ends up enriching the school experience of the other students.

She introduces simple and effective alternatives toward both short and long-term attitudes, short and long-mindsets and short and long-opportunities for improving lives for the disabled and those who love them or care for them.

‘When New Zealand society advances to the point where we recognise disability as just part of the spectrum of humanity, and that there is nothing perverse or backwards in finding the beauty, talents and joy in the lives of the disabled, then we will all be better off for it.’

“Being disabled isn’t a disaster”- so true.

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, oil spills, wars, animal welfare abuses, these are disasters.

The need for a change toward disability – a shift from dualistic thinking adds positive potential for All.

That’s how we like to roll here at Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility-

Thanks, Linda Kimpton for widening our lens down to New Zealand!

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