Therapy Chickens – Miller Farm Friday

View from the Front Porch

By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

We had a student from Uzbekistan living with us last school year. He was very quiet and spent most of his time in his room.

He came out to see the International Space Station pass overhead one night. Another time he came out to see the chickens hatching.

We had set quail eggs, bantam eggs and chicken eggs. Three bantam eggs, one chicken egg and one quail egg hatched. chick with brooder Over the process of several days, Andrey would check the incubator each morning to see the progress.

He helped me move them out to the brooder in the garage, and we stood to watch them for quite a while. He took pictures as I did.

He told me his sister had a chick one time.  She really loves animals.  He was going to send the picture to her.

It was a rare glimpse into his life far…

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Aristotle Said, then Dumbledore Said,

Victoria“You can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable.”
– Aristotle




This week I noticed a new global trend –

cuts in aide for the disabled, elderly and poor.

The links to the articles headlining in Europe, Ireland and the USA are listed below.

I feel compelled to share this news to educate.


Anti-Bullying campaigns saturate our schools, our social media sites and our air time to name a few.

The same hands signing anti-bullying legislation, co-signing tolerance are bullying the most vulnerable individuals and susceptible groups.

It is easy to kick a man, woman or child when he or she is down – whether legislation or society sanctions such behavior.

Easy to lock down the lower-class Titanic passengers.
Easy to kidnap sleeping Nigerian schoolgirls from their beds.
Easy to look away as Jews are murdered.
Easy to neglect disabled infants in sainted orphanages.

Bullying is easy.

The disabled, elderly and poor are being bullied – every day.

Bullied – plain and simple.

There is no campaign to stop the harassment, end needless mistreatment,
or suppress the oppression.

No Stop Bullying the Most Vulnerable, #standupforthesusceptible

In this moment in our global history,
when the world feels threatened by economic downturns, economic upturns, Global Warming, or Polar Vortexes, health insurance, or no health insurance, tax-cuts, tax-hikes or paying the mortgage, rent, or feeding your family, not feeding your family –

In this moment,
bullying is endorsed, a survival mechanism,
a defense against certain or
perceived demise of self, others;
a defense against change-
a defense against fear.

In this moment,
We can End Bullying, Bring Oppression to Knees, dignify our most vulnerable world citizens-
Be brave~~
Stand up~~
Speak up~~

Start here – or anywhere will do

National Disability Rights Network


American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

International: National Council on Disability

Live your life to the best of your possibility, better the lives of others’ possibilities-

“We must all choose between what is right and what is easy.”
-Albus Dumbledore Disabled Students in Europe Protest Cut in Aide US Senate Budget Cuts Aid to Elderly, Disabled 50 US Cities Ban Feeding Homeless in Public Places Ireland, Disabled Pupil’s Exam Assistance Request Refused