“You should I be happy the government is going after disability frauds. It makes people like you, real disabled people’s lives easier in the long run,” she spat.


“Any fraudulent activity needs to be investigated by the government, by the people themselves too. Anyone milking the system needs to be held accountable. But this clean-up activity is beginning with the poorest most vulnerable of the country, the world population. And if you believe that the government clamp down is helping the disabled – you’d be wrong.

Doctors are dropping Medicare patients like flies, doctors are afraid to prescribe medications that improve the quality of our lives. This is nothing more than a modern-day witch hunt.

If the government is so hyped to save money and catch frauds, then they should start from the top, look in the mirror, across their dinner party table, the golf tees.

Seriously, you think the 10% of the poorest, most sickly people are responsible for economic peril? Were any white-collar criminals being denied access to their health care, to their quality of life after the scandals?

Let’s be fair, fraud is fraud.

And fair is fair.

The government chose to pick on the weakest first. They blame the elderly, the poor and the disabled for skyrocketing medical costs which are sapping our economy. What a sinister way to accuse, torture and burn innocent people.

Like I said, a modern-day witch hunt. So, excuse me if I’m not happy about current disability fraud trials. Although, I’m happy by nature.”