Amazing images–go play!

Amazing images–go play!

Never say ‘Never’ – Technology expands

Never say ‘Never’ – Technology expands one man’s world

Let’s Help Wheelchair-bound citizens FLY~~

I posted about having signed this petition to create accessibility on airlines for the disabled.
Too many Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility blog posts headline trials over travel.
Below is the link to the petition:
Wheelchair Access On Commercial Airlines – has been developed.

In an email from the powerhouse advocate on Wednesday, August 27, 2014
From the powerhouse advocate;
Vicki Jurney-Taylor
Converse, Texas

Now, it’s really important that we get more visibility for this issue. Can you please take a moment to write a quick letter to the editor? Decision-makers regularly read letters to the editor to see what residents are talking about.
You don’t need to write a lot. Your letter should be no more than a few sentences and it should reiterate the main message of the petition, which is:
“Please push the Federal Aviation Administration and Congress to require airlines to provide designated wheelchair accessible spaces on every commercial aircraft, which will allow passengers to remain safely seated in their personal wheelchairs.”

You might also like to relay any personal accounts of inaccessibility that you may have encountered while flying, as personal stories have more impact.
Click here to find your local newspaper and submit your letter:
Thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue.

Thanks everyone!
We’ll be flying toward our greatest possibilities with your help.

Dog friendly state of affaris

Dog friendly state of affaris

Disabled Power!

Disabled Power!

Ticket to Nowhere. How you can help disabled reach their destination.

Dear Readers;
Last week a friend filled with excitement and anticipation toward creating her spark in a new town was told by the airline, at the departure gate, that she could not be accommodated with her wheelchair. She is wheelchair bound and had told the airline such before purchasing her ticket, her golden ticket to her new destination, her new life.
The airline thanked her for her patronage, gave her credit toward the purchase of new ticket.
New ticket to where?
With prior knowledge of her disability and accessibility requirements, they gladly accepted her money.
They did not accept her wheelchair.
Hence, they rejected her and failed to meet the American Disabilities Act.
Since the ADA is failing, miserably I might add, action oriented people have chosen to take matters into their own hands and wheels.
A petition – Wheelchair Access On Commercial Airlines – has been developed.

I signed the petition and have been notified of immense support for this civil rights movement.
In response to my signature, I received an email stating;
“To really make a difference, we need a lot more people to join in. Can you share this petition with all your friends?

Click here to share it on Facebook:

Share on Facebook here:

Then, forward the email below to everyone you know.


Here’s a sample message to send to your friends and out into the world.


Dear President Obama and Congressional Leaders:

The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986, Title 49, Section 41705 of the U.S. Code, prohibits commercial airlines from discriminating against passengers with disabilities. The act itself, however, does not have any provision to protect the rights of those who, because of their disabilities and for safety reasons, cannot sit in a standard airline passenger seat and must remain seated in their personal wheelchairs like myself. These individuals are prevented from traveling any way except by land vehicles, trains, or ships. This constitutes a blatant infringement on their civil rights and access to affordable and expedient transportation.

We, the undersigned, propose that every commercial aircraft have one to two removable passenger seat(s), in the front row of every aircraft, with a 4-point air cargo system underneath (identical to the system used in the U.S. Air Force cargo transport aircraft) to fasten each wheelchair securely to the floor of the cabin. An additional safety belt will be required around the waist of each wheelchair user to secure them in their seats. This proposed set up will guarantee the accessibility and safety of every passenger on board.

Such implemented change is an economically sound investment for air carriers. The large and growing market of people with disabilities has $175 billion in discretionary spending, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Additionally, The New York Times reported that spending by travelers with disabilities exceeds $13.6 billion annually. I know that I personally spend approximately $5,000/ year on vacations. We estimate that this amount will increase significantly once individual aircraft become more wheelchair accessible.

Please push the Federal Aviation Administration to require airlines designated wheelchair accessible spaces on every commercial aircraft.

Thank you for your support,

Vicki Jurney-Taylor
Converse, Texas

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


I appreciate any and all efforts on your part to generate the petition ‘Wheelchair Access-On-Commercial Airlines’
Upholding rights and civil liberties as stated in
The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986, Title 49, Section 41705 of the U.S. Code, prohibits commercial airlines from discriminating against passengers with disabilities.
Thank you! And thank ‘Wheelchair Access-On-Commercial Airlines’ Petition Team!

Your picture perfect project may have a

Your picture perfect project may have a shot at funding!

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