Want to be brave?

The disabled person equals target, victim, mark, across the world.
Years ago, while attending a CE seminar, a fact stuck with me.
The less functioning the disabled individual, the higher the probability of rape and assault – the statistic cited 85% reported cases.
Reported cases.
Articles supporting this dismal fact hits home, breaks my heart, knots my stomach and fires me up.
You’ve been exposed to non-bullying programs, curriculums and propaganda.
Read the articles below. Your first step toward bravery.
As Oprah says, “Once you know better, you do better.” Maybe she quoted her mentor and my hero, Maya Angelou.

Be brave, read the article, dare yourself to know better as to do better in 2015.


“You can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable” ~ Aristotle

Racial Gap in Medi-gap Program~

Many gaps exist within Medi-gap plans and I don’t mean jeans and tee-shirt;
read about the holes below~


Happy Winter Solstice!

Welcoming back the light~

Happy Solstice

Photographer turns his dog in (name subject here) for Holiday cards!

These photographs are playful.

Enjoy the beauty of creativity, the loving bond between man and dog
and Holiday whimsy!


5D Photography is here-

Think you’ve seen it all? I did too. Until I saw this ‘Time’ magazine article
on 5th dimensional photography.

As a photography lover, I had to read about this new technological breakthrough.

To read the ‘Time’ article, click on the link below.


She’s staying home on Christmas caring for disabled family – she’s nine-

This article captures the spirit of love, giving while asking for nothing in return
and elevates hope for humanity.

Read about this remarkable girl – she is inspirational~~


Poem – ‘Heaven’

Yes, a poem to gear up for the Holidays and to keep your
spirits, geared up for the Holidays.

I enjoy the ‘Poem-A-Day’ from Academy of American Poets, hope you do too.


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