Congress passed the ABLE Act!

Congress passed the ABLE Act!

Next the ABLE Bill is in the hands of the US Senate – let’s keep this ABLE Bill in the forefront!

Thank you, Sara Wolff – leader of the ABLE Act; Google her, she is an amazing young woman.

I am ecstatic this Bill passed through Congress. The ABLE Act allows for families, caregivers, guardians and the like, to create financial planning towards education, retirement, medical needs and any necessary future expenses. This tax-free planning for the child’s future provides greater opportunities toward health, empowerment, inclusion, independence and a much-needed break from the stress and strain on parents and their disabled children.

Opposition feared an increase in the ‘welfare state.’

In response, the ABLE Bill will decrease political, societal and cultural perception(s) toward the handicapped being a financial burden.

In some ways, the ABLE Act does increase the welfare state by increasing the welfare of the American citizens living with seen and unseen handicaps, visible and invisible disabilities.

Thank you, Congress for voting for the disabled population in a positive, productive and proactive manner.

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