Starving disabled children to death –

I’m a fan of ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees.’ I watch for the happy endings and quake from the unfathomable sights and haunting sounds associated with animal cruelty.

I’ve always been called ‘a bleeding heart’ – ‘too sensitive’ – ‘idealistic.’

Been called a lot of other not so nice names too.

When I see an influx of news stories reporting imperceptible acts of abuse and neglect toward the murder of disabled children, I become less passive and more like a pit bull latching onto my vision of humanity’s potential.

I will happily wag my tail while chomping down on atrocities against the disabled – against the vulnerable, no matter the species.

The two articles below demonstrate the lesser aspect of humanity.

These children died at the hands of parents, guardians, family.

How many more are being murdered?



How many disabled must die before the news reports? Or the criminal(s) are caught?

How many murderers are never caught?

These vicious, intentional exploits are happening now;

under your noses, in front of your eyes and in your backyards.

I’m like a pit bull.

I know, pit bulls have a bad reputation – humans vilified pit bulls.

Be brave and read these stories.

Be brave and stop discrimination against the disabled, pit bulls and idealists.

Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility,
copyright 12/2014, Victoria Kaloss

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