Why I am not an Artist / 2015 Artist Writer Mashup – Prompt one completed!

Pencil, wrapped lead in painted yellow wood, erasers grant permission to cast away flaws, but the etchings forever scar paper. Pencils, spikey points with their break under pressure tendencies require sharp edges, require metal blades spinning, grinding, molding, chewing and chipping brightness, expose natural nature, wood, soft or hard, light or dark and lead, carbon elemental the creative center a wise gray sheen.

With her own hand, the artist drew, dotted, shaded and shaped the subject’s hands merely hinting – wider fingers, a touch of extra hair – the image an assumed man draped in a black suit, comfortable shoes with a sliver of light shining through the soles – the soul.

He stands alone; inside a penciled rectangular frame, a custom margin, a box.

His suit’s texture, brocade-esque, with awkward bulging arms, lumpy like mom’s homemade mashed potatoes. The jacket and pants pattern filled with perfectly placed dots and intentional blots curving at random as if worms have risen from earthen depths after a rain shower. The jacket pocket teases with moving dots; is that a white handkerchief? A skull? A ghost?

His shirt, perfect white and his well knotted tie, perfectly black, straight, vertical – he is aligned with nothing and yet he is everything.

He is from the neck up, faceless.

Instead, he is a daisy, Gerber daisy, a sunflower, a minimally shaded bloom, brightly not colored. This black and white illustration allows the admirer color choice – or not.

He is all feminine, Goddess, Gaia, Demeter

a chieftain wearing a headdress of petals in lieu of feathers, leather, fringe, unbalanced power.

The artist has left me with a sense of joy, relief, a heartfelt nod to the interrelatedness between opposites, polarities – the dark, the light, the masculine the feminine, the four corners of the Earth, the quest to stand alone within and without, always connected, balanced – all equal in the heart of (place the name of your God here).

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. patpaints43
    Apr 05, 2015 @ 14:14:41

    A beautifully, hand & mind-crafted illustration with words!

    Personally, I use pencils and paintbrushes for my illustrations, but words are equally beautiful when aligned with the writer-artists inner vision…


  2. Victoria Kaloss
    Apr 05, 2015 @ 14:31:19

    Thanks, Pat ~ This is a really fun project. I mst say LamplighterNJ.com has done a great service to all the arts!


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