April is ‘Fair Housing Month’

Many years ago, after the fright, discrimination(s) galore and misunderstanding of HIV/AIDS prevailed in the USA, my local area offered fair housing for individuals living with the modern epidemic.

Today, my area offers fewer housing services for the disabled ~ granted, thousands of Jersey Shore Sandy survivors remain displaced from their homes. The second catastrophe on the record of our Garden State.

Housing, shelter is a top ten need for survival, comfort and dignity.

The ‘Fair Housing Month’ FaceBook page is filled with information, history and facts for those involved or need to be involved in the Fair Housing market.

The article below focuses on the continued discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS finding homes.

My friend living with HIV/AIDS had been provided a rental stipend to continue living in his apartment. He has sinced crossed over.

But I remember the tears of gratitude that fell over his less than meaty cheeks, within his apartment, his home, his castle~ he lived a happier life surrounded by his personal possessions – reminding him of the love he shared and received in kind.


Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

‘One can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable’ ~ Aristotle

Victoria Kaloss

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