Still Life with Oysters and Lemon | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

April 15th, 2015

Art, as much as it can be reflective of us, is equally transportive. The surreal nature of these illustrations can easily and quickly bring us to a new place. This transportation can be powered by the content of the art – it’s images, lines, shading – but can also, from a step away, be powered by our relationship with the piece now that we’ve had intimate time with it.

  • What aspects of your illustration (large and small) transport you?
  • What aspects of your relationship with the art transports you?
  • Where to memory? To false memory? To pure fantasy?
  • How does this transportation manifest in your writing…should it? 

Every aspects of my illustration transports me; from the squiggly black suit texture reminding me of earthworms, or soil or brocade-esque textile.

From the daisy, Gerber daisy, sunflower head its center a dotted matrix of illusion swirls my imagination, capturing ever-changing cloud paintings.

From the expansive white space surrounding this man in a suit, or a woman as the pant waistline is so high, androgenic – forever changing. The white, blinds like sunshine over white clouds from the window of a 737 at 35,000 feet, meditative white light, eye doctors dark room with bright light inspecting my retina as I keep from blinking staring at his right ear-

Nature – the nature of human kind, the nature of Mother Nature, the nature of creativity, nature, nature, nature

Relationship, everything is connected to relationship to self, all our sisters and brothers sharing this earth, this time and space, the seen, the unseen, the known, the unknown, the conscious, the unconscious;

The nature of relationship transports me in all ways.

I have always been easily transported; constantly reprimanded for staring out of the classroom window into the nature outside; utilizing transportation skills to escape physical pain – leave into a better world, feeling, experience if only for a brief moment into the void of nothing, nowhere within the All.

My transportation skills aka: imagination aka: synergy has been my greatest ally in manifesting my writing, my healing, my pain, my joy, my disappointment, my achievements – simply, this birthright is the love of my life.

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