Britain shows us how to successfully network disabled into creative arts~

All the effort ‘Shape’ placed in their career job day marked an awakening for creative art centers, dance troupe directors, photography/journalism, film/theater, a smorgasbord of career paths integrating the expansive field with disabled craftsmen and craftswomen.

The video is a forward thinking presentation for disabled as co-creators.

I remember watching the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London. I remember hearing a deaf drummer drum, a blind chorus sing and a wheelchair dancer dancing. I remember weeping at the sight – the sound, the movement.

And not simply the director’s cameras movement; I mean the movement from the disabled being excluded to included onto the world stage.

Thank you, Danny Boyle.

This video streams a twin principle – creative arts and disabled citizens crave innovation, crave perception and crave construction.




Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

‘One can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable’ ~ Aristotle

Victoria Kaloss

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  1. Pat Dolan
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 14:54:50



  2. Victoria Kaloss
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 17:34:36

    I thought so too, Pat. Glad you enjoyed the post and video!


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