Nothing says freedom better than our own voices~

Celebrate the ADA 25th Anniversary!

During a final exam in my senior year in college, the professor asked if I needed extra time to write my essay.

Initially, I felt insulted.

I didn’t need extra time.

I didn’t need an extra advantage.

I asked him, ‘why do you ask?’

“Because your arthritic hands may be slowing you down. You’d have every right to take extra time, Vikki.”

As I neared the blue book essay conclusion within the time frame I answered, ‘I can do it.’

I finished the timed exam and passed with an A.

The professor clearly proved ahead of his time.

I however, clearly proved too ingrained in my educational conditioning – be normal.

Decades flew past until I realized the integrity and depth my professor’s simple question. And my fixed perspective, my fixed mindset.

The ADA assists all disabled through all life’s developments, challenges and goals and dreams.

Structured, organized special education didn’t exist during my educational career.

I encourage all students requiring extra time, extra books, extra anything to utilize their greatest tool, their voices.

Ask for assistance.

The ADA has given opportunities for you and all disabled a gift, a life lesson crossing all cultural, social, economic boundaries –

the gift of learning to ask for what you need.

Asking is a life lesson for everyone.

Good luck and have fun! If you’re not having fun, try harder šŸ˜‰

Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

“One can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable’ ~ Aristotle

Victoria Kaloss

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